Jasmine Jones


Media Kit

Thoughtfully Magazine

A 6-page media kit elaborating on the mission and scope of Thoughtfully Magazine. Originally created for online use & distribution.

The Montpelier Experience

Interactive workflow

Two team members and I created a creative proposal for James Madison's Montpelier. They were in need of an iPad app that would supplement their current in-person tours and serve as a fully functioning tour guide within itself through interactivity and multimedia. We conceptualized, planned, created user interface prototypes, and proposed our app: The Montpelier Experience

Ticketmaster Companion-Site UX Design

Created and designed the user interface of a mock companion site to Ticketmaster that is targeted specifically towards college students. I researched the architecture and design of popular sites for college students, built an interactive workflow, sketched wireframes, and ultimately created the visual design. 

Above, there is a browser login page, browser profile page, along with a mobile version of those two pages displaying some interaction.